Matia Marcantuoni | AHL

'' I have known Daniel for 6 years now. His knowledge in the game and expertise in skill development really helped me excel in the OHL at 16 years old. He was also a big help in preparing me for my first NHL camp with Pittsburg ''

Paul Nolan | Director of Development GMHA

'' Daniel is an exceptional teacher and I consider him to be the top instructor with whom we have worked with. Daniel is a pleasure to work with and his training methods are popular with both parents and players. "

Lindsay Hofford | Scout - Toronto Maple Leafs NHL

'' Daniel has expertise in hockey training. He would be a great choice for anybody looking to develop ''

Tom Wilson | Washington Capitals NHL

'' Working with Daniel over the past year has been such an extremely positive training experience. Looking back at my accomplishments, I owe so much of it to Daniel who has played a huge role in making me the hockey player I am today. After neing drafted by the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League, I came to Daniel for help in order to get me prepared for the next level of hockey .. "

Mike Weaver | Montreal Canadians NHL

" I have used Daniel on several occasions for my hockey school ( Defense First ) ... at Defense First we hand out questionnaires for feedback on our instructors and I was floored by how many of our kids enjoyed and learned from his teachings. His techniques are unique and taught in a way that kids understand ... "

Devon Palliani | Sudbury Wolves OHL

'' Over the past couple years I have worked with Daniel and he's done nothing but impact me in a positive way . It is wasn't for his unique and advanced skating drills he putt me through I would not have been able to make any of my accomplishments possible. ''  

Matt Lane | Boston Collage NCAA DIV 1

'' Dan has helped me tremendously over the past few year in several skill areas of the game. His on ice work and style of teaching, is a great opportunity for youth hockey players to take advantage of, as they attempt to get better and learn the fundamental skills of the game ''