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Hockey Yoga Overview

Situated on the 2nd floor of Scotiabank Pond, our Hockey Yoga studio boasts a spacious facility, with classes designed specifically for athletic development. Our unique approach provides athletes with the benefits of yoga, which include improved coordination, greater endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, focus and agility, without overstretching the muscles by focusing on dynamic stretching, rather than the traditional static long holds. By participating in Hockey Yoga, athletes will experience optimally functional overall control of their bodies, both on and off the ice.


Increasing range of motion is fundamental in superior hockey performance. While the stretching and strengthening of core muscle groups offers/provides many health benefits, it also increases player strength and flexibility, improves mobility, while significantly reducing the chance of any sports related injury. Regular yoga stretching provides a greater ability to strength condition particular muscle groups that are overworked during the game. For example, increased range in ankle and calf muscles allows the athlete to skate faster with greater force.


While on the ice, hockey players perform turns, crossovers and pivots, all while standing on two pieces of steel, five millimeters in width. Although hockey athletes make these techniques look effortless, these skills are best achieved with proper balance. Yoga has been proven to provide athletes with better balance and coordination. As a result, players will have improved control over their bodies, and experience fewer injuries that occur as a result of falling.

< Standing postures in our Hockey Yoga studio will help strengthen an athlete's center of gravity as well as enhancing lower joint strength, like the ankles, knees and hips. Increased balance achieved through our Hockey Yoga class means increased balance on skates.

Strength ( Flexibility & Balance )

When we think of building strength, many of us picture machines and weights that require repetitious movements.  While these traditional exercises do build strength, they target only the isolated muscles that are engaged during the workout. Athletes often over-develop specific muscle groups that are frequently used, based on the demands of the sport. Without proper care, these overworked muscles can lead to injuries, which may result in downtime. Hockey Yoga targets both small and large muscle groups, creating a symmetry of working muscles throughout the body. By doing so, frequently used muscle groups are better supported by the surrounding muscles that have been strengthened through Hockey Yoga.

Focus & Concentration

Hockey is as much a mental sport as it is physical one. Unlike other sports, where the focus is right in front of you, hockey players are required to divide their attention amongst a diverse number of variables. In a single moment, players must exercise visual memory and concentration, eye tracking, peripheral vision, depth perception, as well as dynamic visual acuity. Studies have shown that training an athlete's attentional focus enhances a players overall performance in competitive situations. By participating in Hockey Yoga, players will be equipped with the ability to focus on relevant tasks cues while ignoring distractions.

Yoga Training Schedule 

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