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Development programs geared towards players starting their journey in hockey.

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"Universal hockey has been a key aspect in helping improve my game. Daniel has been the most influential coach in my hockey career. He has shaped the player and person I am today. I've been involved in all the programming Universal Hockey has to offer, from on ice skill development, spring teams, and hockey camps. I have learned how to work hard, develop my game and have fun all at the same time. It's been an unbelievable experience ! Thank you Daniel ! " 



Within the framework of the player development services provided by Universal Hockey, we are excited to introduce the Universal Hockey - Jr. Academy . Jr. Academy has been designed to provide age and skill specific hockey development for boys and girls between the ages of 4 -12. Beginning in January and based out of Scotiabank Pond in Downsview Park, Jr. Academy will offer Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sessions.


Universal Hockey has quickly gained international recognition for our very successful track record in the development of elite level players. By introducing a similar developmental framework customized for players at all levels and earlier stages of development, we believe Jr. Academy students will have an exceptional opportunity to grow, advance and realize their full potential.


Drawing upon the knowledge and experience of Universal Hockey founder and lead instructor, Daniel Bochner, every on-ice session is carefully structured to facilitate the ongoing development of each student to the next level. Jr. Academy will provide a strong and steady progression of skill advancement built around a solid foundation.


Students enrolled in the Jr. Academy will also have the opportunity to draw upon other Universal Hockey programs and services including; strength and conditioning training, nutrition support and guidance, sports psychology workshops and individuals sessions, cognitive training, 'In Game' consulting services, as well as early sign up for seasonal Universal Hockey Camps. 

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